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How Fictional Characters Are Being Affected by the Economy

The economic downturn is causing belt-tightening across industry, tax bracket and superhero abilities. We asked you to show us some of the difficult decisions our favorite fictional characters are having to make as they deal with lower budgets for the first time in their lives.


18 Arts And Crafts Projects of Dangerous Psychopaths

If we had to guess what serial killers do with their spare time, let's just say it probably wouldn't be 'two hand touch with the guys.'


17 Figures of Speech As Understood by a Five Year Old

Children are not smart. Here's what they think you're talking about.


21 Things We Secretly Suspect about the Opposite Sex

We tend to do our most intense thinking about the opposite sex during college while drunk and during adolescence when we'd probably be better off drunk. But being spectacularly ill-equipped to draw conclusions has never stopped man and womankind before.


23 Rejected Covers of Famous Books

There's an old policy about judging books by their covers, but we can't remember what it was on account of our policy towards memorizing stuff from books that don't have awesome dragons on the cover. We asked you to show us what it might have looked like if some of history's greatest books were designed with similar short-sightedness.


16 Secret Pet Peeves of Famous Sidekicks

Being a sidekick is all fine and good when you're snapping off witty comebacks to punctuate the ass beatings the hero's dolling out. But day in and day out it's got to be a bit of a drag. We asked you to show us the stuff that really gets on their nerves.


23 Creative Ways To Use Obsolete Technologies

New uses we'll come up with as more and more of the stuff around our house becomes useless junk.


14 Scandalous Paparazzi Photos of Historical Figures

The photographing of noteworthy people when they don't want to be photographed is a giant industry these days, for some reason. But it's not always been like that. We asked our readers to take us back through history to show us some of the photographs that earlier generation deprived us of due to their debilitating insistence on having dignity.


If Flash Games Got Their Own Movie Adaptations

We've all played them. We've all cursed them for making us keep playing them when we know we should be working, or tending to that wound that's starting to look infected. And yet, the time wasting game in our browser or on our iPhone is one of the rare pop culture institutions that hasn't yet gotten made into a movie. What it will look like when th


How Video Game Characters Really Use the Items They Collect

We've got nothing against collectors. But when you see a guy go out of his way to fill his pockets with identical trinkets in the middle of a life or death situation that requires him to stay light on his feet, it makes you wonder what the hell he's doing with it.


If You Could Photoshop the Real World

f you spend enough time in Photoshop, you start thinking things like,