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Movie Character Crossovers Too Awesome to Actually Happen

The only time movies mix and match characters from different universes, two invincible monsters are doing battle with each other, and the audiences ability to care who wins. What it might look like if Hollywood realized how awesome certain characters could be if they got to try on different movies.


Ill-Advised Movie Merchandise for Kids

The line between children's toys and movies has grown increasingly blurry since 'Transformers' created an entire TV show for the purpose of selling toys, and that TV show became one of the most successful movie franchises of all-time. Here are some products that would have killed the connection between films and kids toys on contact.


14 Video Game Deleted Scenes That Explain Everything

Video games aren't even trying to make sense most of the time. Deleted scenes that would render some of the more baffling pixelated universes logical.


16 Lessons You Wish They'd Taught In School

As we demonstrated recently, the lessons you learned in school were often built around whatever made the coolest illustration, and have nothing to do with what's true. We asked you to show us what school might have looked like if they were actually concerned with teaching you stuff that might come in handy.


If Everything Operated on Rube Goldberg Logic

There's nothing the Internet loves more than Rube Goldberg machines. They're actually the perfect physical embodiment of corporations, the thing the Internet hates most, since they take as many steps as possible to get very simple tasks done.


The Worst Possible Thing to Be Wearing at That Moment

A popular recurring nightmare seems to be going to school or work wearing only your underwear. We've never had it because our brains no better than to enter a nightmare without a place to conceal your guns, but it really seems to freak people out. Which is weird, because it's far from the worst mistake you could make when dressing for an occasion.


The Unseen Drawbacks to Living in an Action Movie

Action is the most hard core movie genre to actually live in. Just look at the reactions when someone is killed. In horror movies, everyone freaks right the hell out, just like you're supposed to after finding a loved one's head in your freezer. In action movies, murder is so routine that they have to utter witty one liners to keep themselves from


If Famous Photographs Were Off By a Second

A photograph can go down in history for capturing the spirit of an entire people or era in one split second. But they can be misleading for the same reason. You can't help but wonder how different some iconic images would look if the photographer had clicked the button a few seconds too early, or too late.


One Step Solutions to Fixing the Economy

It seems like every economic solution you hear about these days requires hundreds of different initiatives, each one with more moving parts than a Transformer. We asked you to come up with simpler ideas that could fix it in one fell swoop.


B-Movie Posters for Classic Films

Aliens that only sort of look like the ones in the movie attacking proportionally impossible women in torn torn clothing. B-Movie posters stole most of their designs from the sketches on the back of our high school notebooks. Unfortunately, some great movies had the misfortune of being made by sane people, and never got such a treatment. We asked y