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If Nature Decided To Screw With Us

The platypus seems to indicate that it's already happening. We asked you to show us what it will look like when they really start nailing their punchlines.


Creative Ways to Teach Children Harsh Life Lessons

We've been using the same careful allegories about birds, bees and other sex crazed beasts of the sky for years. We asked you to come up with some more creative ways to break the bad news about life.


25 Easter Eggs (We Wish Were) Hidden in Movies

We'd imagine the only thing more fun than finding a clever Easter Egg in a movie is hiding it there in the first place.


If You Really Didn't Care What Your Co-Workers Thought

We asked you to show us what the workplace might look like if you just stopped caring about what anyone thought.


Video Games from the Villain's Point of View

What it might look like through the eyes of one of the characters you don't get to control.


The Very Rough Early Drafts of Great Works of Art

Great art work doesn't just come out as a finished product. Artists tell tales of masterpieces that started out with hundreds of false starts and dead ends. We asked you to show us what some of those might have looked like for iconic works of art.


32 Insane Movie Ideas Built Out of Existing Movie Titles

There's a game they play on Doug Benson's podcast in which guests are asked to build the longest title they can out of existing movie titles. That got us wondering if you could actually build a good movie that way. It turns out that, well ... no you can't. But you can build some titles that make for some pretty ridiculous movie posters.


19 Awesome Old School Video Games (That Should Have Existed)

The first 25 years of any art form are going to be riddled with embarrassing missteps, and frustrating missed opportunities. A look back through the early days of gaming knowing what we know now, and show us the games we would have been playing if they'd gotten everything right the first time around.


If Flags Got Awesome Redesigns

Most flags designs were apparently inspired by doodles off the back of middle school trapper keepers, since the coolest things they could come up with to represent entire countries or states was stars, suns and maybe a bird or a bear if you're lucky. Here's what they should have looked like.


If The Modern World Ran On Medieval Technology

If technologies from the Middle Ages had been as resilient as the skateboard.


The Off Screen Deaths of 26 Famous Fictional Characters

Memorable characters whose spectacular finales were left to the imagination.


The Guilty Pleasures of 18 Famous Characters

When you're not on the job and nobody's looking, chances are you get up to some stuff you wouldn't want your co-workers to see. We asked you to show us what our favorite fictional characters get up to for fun when the cameras aren't on them.