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If Real Life Worked Like a Role-Playing Game

What it might look like if the world actually looked like it does inside the heads of people who spend too much time on role playing games.


If Movies Were Realistic

For all the complaining we do about unrealistic movies, nobody wants to see the hero soil himself in slow motion as he walks away from an exploding car.


If We Used Animals Like 'The Flintstones'

What a world would look like if we still used animals the way they did in Bedrock.


If Famous Products Advertised Their Unauthorized Uses

When a new product is brought home from the store, a scientific process begins. Depending on the age of the children in said household, if the product can be used to start fires, smoke pot or replace a missing tool, that potential will be discovered. What if the companies that made them acknowledged these alternate uses.


17 Board Games Too Awesome To Exist

Whether it's because of family traditions, the fact that hipsters haven't figured out how to play video games ironically yet or our enduring hatred of trees, board games are still hanging around. We asked you to show us some games that might keep them around a little longer.


19 Bad Ideas for History Based Video Games

When we were kids, video games taught us about an obscure historical period, and how badly traveling to Oregon sucked back then. Since then, game makers have mostly focused on how much fun it is to kill Nazis.What if they expanded their horizons?


The Unhappy Aftermath of Classic Movie Happy Endings

Photoshops of the slow burning catastrophes that unraveled movie happy endings after the credits rolled.


If Text Books Were Written by the Students

Let's face it: kids are kind of stupid. It's not their fault; they're kids. They're still at the age when they think school is a cruel gauntlet invented by adults to wring all joy from their souls. We've all been there.


15 Postcards from After The Invention of Time Travel

Movies always have us using time travel to fight wars, force our parents to bone, and other types of serious business. Of course movies predicted we'd be doing serious things with computers, and we ended up using them for ... well, silly bullshit like this. Here's what we'll actually do with time travel.


If Great Movies Were Ruined by Product Placement

When you're here, just hope you're the right family.


12 Memorials for Events and People Who Don't Deserve Them

What if fancy statues and monuments weren't just reserved for war heroes, presidents and important historical events? What if the stupid things got memorials too?