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25 Problems Great Characters Would Face in the Real World

Transporting fictional characters into the realities of the modern world always seems like a good idea, but there are a lot of them that would have a tough time adjusting to everyday life.


The 18 Most Viral Photos of the Next 12 Months

It's a pretty safe bet that next year's shocking scandals will look a lot like the same sex taping, junk photographing scandals of this year.


19 Knock-Off Gifts People Are Probably Opening Today

As unlucky children everywhere are learning today, there's an entire industry devoted to putting the least amount of effort possible into getting your grandma to buy you a shitty gift. What some of this year's worst offenders might look like.


26 Recent Blockbusters (If They Were Made Before 1960)

A lot has changed in the past 50 plus years of movies. Believe it or not, you used to go to the movie theater to watch actors act, and not just as in 'acting scared of the giant CGI robots.'


If Classic Christmas Movies Were Rated R

The stuff the warmest, fuzziest holiday classics were holding back to remain family friendly.


20 Must Have Toys for Christmas (In The Year 2111)

Each year brings us a new toy that kids will absolutely lose their shit if they don't get for Christmas. We asked you to take a look 100 years in the future and show us what parents will be pepper spraying each other over.


If Mundane Jobs Got the Indiana Jones Treatment

It turns out real archeologists battle about half as many Nazis as the Indiana Jones films led us to believe.


25 Propaganda Posters For Everyday Annoyances

It's apparently come to this, guy standing too close to me in line.


21 Clumsily Censored Versions of Famous R-Rated Images

There seems to be no shortage of subjects that uptight people can get worked into a letter-writing-frenzy over. But whether it's the Catholic Church putting a leaf over sculptures' junk or some dude reading random nouns over all the swear words in <em>Scarface</em>, mankind has yet to discover a non-ridiculous way to censor those subjects.


27 Conspiracies Behind Everyday Annoyances

If you're anything like us, when you can't find your keys or notice yet another lonely orphan in your sock drawer, your first thought is that you've been the victim of an extremely elaborate, and pointless conspiracy.


If Real Life Had Video Game Glitches and Cheats

What if glitches, cheats and hacks also occasionally broke the rules of reality the way they do in video games. Imagine how annoying it would be when other people used them against you, or how great it would be when they helped you get out of an annoying task.


13 Misconceptions About Today from Future History Classes

How will future history classes remember (or misremember) modern news stories? We asked you to show us with the magic of image manipulation.