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How Five-Year-Olds Would Fix the World's Problems

There are certain jobs where it helps to think like a five year old. As the movie Big taught us, being an 8 year old trapped in a toy designer's body give you an unfair advantage, and as every Robin Williams movie taught us, being a kid trapped in a gorilla's body makes you the best dad ever.


26 Famous Characters In Their Halloween Costumes

It's easy to predict which famous fictional characters or celebrities people will be dressing as this Halloween. What's hard is figuring out what costumes those characters would be wearing.


If Online Ads Actually Told the Truth

Most online ads seem to be designed by con-men from the 1920s. They assume such profound gullibility on the part of the people they're trying to lure in, that you have to wonder how these hypothetical customers found out about the internet in the first place.


If They Made Ads for the Worst Things Ever

Advertisers have been able to sell some pretty terrible stuff. Emphasizing the positives, and downplaying the fact that it kills you goes a long way. We asked you to show us what it might look like if they had to sell stuff that sucks so hard, even the most cynical corporations haven't thought of tricking you into buying it.


19 Things Old People Suspect About Modern Culture

The elderly spent their better days fighting for our freedom, only to have the rug pulled out from under them by the rapid advance of technology. We have nothing but sympathy for them, but all their complaining does make you wonder just what it is they think we're up to with our damned gadgetry, and new-fangled hip-bop music.


26 Great Movies from the Villain's Point of View

Everyone's the hero of their own narrative, walking around with the theme from <em>Rocky</em> ringing in their heads. It doesn't matter if their day involves holding a toddler hostage. We asked you to show us what some great movies looked like inside the bad guy's head.


15 Cards for Getting a Jump Start on (Ruining) Christmas

Christmas cards are usually designed to spread Christmas cheer, while subtly bragging about how well you and the family are doing. We asked you to show us the cards that would ruin Christmas for someone involved in that transaction.


If The Hero's Timing Had Been Slightly Off

They say timing is everything in comedy, which is a subtle way for actors to insult comedy writers. But timing truly is everything when you're nailing a leap from one roof to another during a dramatic footrace with the kidnappers who have your daughter.


20 R-Rated Versions of Classic Disney Movies

If they were less underhanded about putting terrifying stuff into their movies.


18 Famous Pictures (Before They Were Cropped)

When you're cropping the naked human pyramid out of a picture you're about to post to Facebook, do you ever wonder if maybe this sort of addition by subtraction has been going on for years? We asked you to show us the context we've been missing outside the borders of famous pictures from history.


12 People Of Today As Remembered in Future Biopics

Biopics for Ray Charles and Johnny Cash seemed to pop up the week after they died. And why not? Both of the guys who played them got nominated for Oscars. We asked you to show us how the lives of modern public figures will be used to try to win Oscars years from now.


20 Instructional Signs That Must Exist in Movie Universes

We never see action heroes watching other action movies, but they all seem to agree that there are certain completely non-intuitive ways to behave around an explosion. We asked you to show us the instructional signs that must be posted just off screen in some of our favorite movies.


12 Awkward Moments That Must Have Happened

History and awkward moments are both more fun to watch than to star in. Due to camera phones being relative late bloomers amongst technological innovations, we've been deprived of history making awkward moments.


If Everything Got An Adorable Mascot

Adorable mascots are tricky. Car insurance companies and NFL teams are supposed to have them, but if the Merrill Lynch bull started talking in a pip-squeaky voice, or a prize fighter entered the ring behind a pirate with a giant foam head, they'd be laughed at. We asked you to show us some adorable mascots that would be even worse ideas than that.