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The 16 Most Shocking Images of the Next 12 Months

The internet is fairly predictable. We can't see into the future to know exactly what's going to happen, it's a pretty safe bet that this year's shocking scandals will be in the same genre as those of years past.


If The Real World Operated on Video Game Logic

Ah, if only the real world could be more like a video game. There, wounds heal instantly and death lasts only as long as a load screen. The men are bald and armed, the women have proportions that make Barbie look like a teenage boy.


How We'll Be Celebrating The Holidays In 500 Years

Most of the things that we think of as classic holiday traditions like Santa, the Christmas tree and toy store riots didn't exist 500 years ago.


If Classic Holiday Movies Got Gritty Reboots

The Hollywood reboot machine has gotten it's sticky hands all over some pretty uncomfortable places, but so far they've left holiday movies relatively untouched. This is what it will look like when they decide to right that wrong, and start giving us dark, gritty versions of holiday classics.


If Every Movie Got a Straight-to-DVD Sequel

Hollywood is able to come up with an excuse to turn any movie into a sequel. Some sequels that we'd be surprised to see, even from them.


18 Famous Websites As Understood by a Five-Year-Old

What a confused child might think, or in some cases know, is out there before they're corrupted by reality.


20 Small Changes That Would Turn Great Ideas Into Disasters

In early drafts of Star Wars, Luke Skywalker was known as "Luke Starkiller." Yeah, it kind of gives you a different mental picture of the man.