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30 Video Game Villain Recruitment Posters

Ever wonder how that level boss is able to get hundreds of mindless drones to throw themselves at you, just to keep you away from the castle? With recruiting posters that make Uncle Sam look like an indecisive wuss, that's how.


The 30 Most Ill-Conceived Movie Monsters

A well-designed monster (say, a burn victim with a glove made of knives) can make a franchise. Behold, the opposite end of the spectrum: the shittiest movie monsters possible.


The 25 Most Horribly Ill-Conceived Breakfast Cereal Ideas

There was a time in America when your favorite cartoons, toys, movies, abstract philosophies, all could be represented in the medium of dried, shaped marshmallows. Here are 25 terrible ideas for cereals we can't believe they haven't made. Yet.