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Real Name: Daniel Vincent Gordh

Member Since: October 12th, 2010

About Me:
Daniel Vincent Gordh is an actor/writer/comedian/filmmaker and an all around honorable bloke. Daniel is the writer/creator/producer of "The Cracked Advice Board" which he co-directed with brother/genius/genie Will Gordh, and co-produced with super-babe Katy Stoll. It is the maiden-series of his sketch group the "Natural Disastronauts".

You also may have seen Daniel performing throughout the years with Swaim and the crew in a variety of "Those Aren't Muskets" sketches. Look out for Daniel's upcoming appearances in hella-many cracked videos as well.

Daniel also performs stand-up and has written for and acted professionally in Film, TV, Theatre, and Web throughout the universe. Daniel also enjoys soda pop, well-organized binders, cash money, and medium-sized sedans.

For more infotainment on DVG and the Natural Disastronauts:

FOR ADDITIONAL TIPS from Dr. Cone, visit: http://naturaldisastronauts.blogspot.com/

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