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Geologie Makes Men's Skincare Less Scary

It’s like a big, strong hand to lead you through the treacherous world of moisturizers.

These Mirrored Ski Goggles Have Built-in Headphones and Voice Control

Enjoy your podcasts, music, or anything else in superior quality while remaining on the lookout for baby ski demons, Bigfeet, and other mountain hazards.

Learning Sign Language Is Cooler Than Learning French

It's the bigger, badder, better English.

Trust The Swedes To Make The Perfect Portable Air Heater

Swedish people know a little something about cold, and they invented Ikea, so leave it to them to create an innovative, practical solution to getting warm at home.

Get Post-Holiday Savings On This Tricksy Educational Gift

Don’t you want your kids to be smarter than us?

Why Buy A Peloton When You Can Win One?

If you don’t win, at least you contributed to a good cause.

Stick It To Tim Cook By Buying These Apple Products Refurbished

It's the ultimate middle finger to Apple!

Stop Binge Watching And Start Binge Learning

Or just let David Attenborough's soothing accent lull you off to dreamland.

Keep Your Coffee Hot, Hot, Hot With An Extra 20% Off This Mug Warmer

Typically, you have three solid minutes to drink your coffee at the ideal temperature, and that, frankly, will not fly.

Learn Something New In 2021 To Make Your Parents Less Disappointed

Socrates said “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing,” but he didn’t have the Internet.

The Best Deals of the Year From the Cracked Store

Take an extra 15% during this holiday flash sale, just ‘cause we’re feelin’ jolly.

15 Gifts That Don't Require Shipping For Late Bums

Just because you crapped the bed doesn’t mean you have to lie in it. Let's figure out how to spin this.

Wix Helps You Create a Professional Website Without the Hassle

Building and running a professional website, or even a completely unprofessional website, is more accessible than ever.

These CBD Products Will Make Groovy Stocking Stuffers

Let’s face it: We could all stand to mellow out.

Shock Your Friends (In A Good Way) With These 10 Gift Ideas

It's been a weird year. Why give an ordinary gift like a candle or some dumb sweater?