Every video game company wants to come up with the next big new thing that will change gaming forever. For some reason this means they keep making terrible and expensive exercise machines. Find out about those and a handful of other game add-ons that tried and failed to shape an industry.

Sega Dreamcast VMU

Sega Dreamcast Turning your memory card into a separate game system is brilliant, but not many other game companies have tried to do it since Sega's last attempt.

Source: Kotaku

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Gamecube Keyboard Controller

Gamecube PT V2 Keyboard Controller CRACKED.COM Finally Gamecube players have the ability to swear at others in online chat. They just need the most difficult-to-hold controller possible to do it.

Source: Kotaku

Eye of Judgment

Eye ofT V2 Judgment CRACKED.COM 10 This foray into the future of card games was ruined by the an ability to photocopy cards, making this physical/digital card game easy to cheat at.

Source: Wired

Aura Interactor

Aura 3T V2 Interactor x CRACKED.COM INTERACTOR CUSHION A 3D SOUND EXPERIENCE A Realistic High Fidelity Sensation feel the Action & Feel the Bass Brings Your Multimedia Computer to Life Total Comfort, Convenience & Excitement - - I 1 I The perfect gift for the gamer in your life who actually En wants to feel like they got punched or shot in the game they're playing.

Source: Metro

WiiFit Balance Board

2 WiiFit Balance Board x CRACKED.COM This revolutionary exercise tool for Nintendo's best-selling console now mainly gives a workout to the Goodwill employees who have to move them around the store.

Source: Polygon

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